Other than headshots, we do not have a set price for commercial photography as every project is customized to fit your marketing needs. When you come to us, you should have a budget and a general idea of what you require and we will do our best to put something together to fit your needs within your budget.

The following factors help us determine our rates:

  • Service - We are at your service from the time you first contact us to the time we deliver your pictures. We take our time during our photo shoot sessions to make sure we give you a consistent product you will be happy with.
  • On-location vs In-studio - As a professional photographer, we own our own photography studio in Jacksonville; however, we do also go on location to shoot.
  • Equipment - We don't just show up with our camera and lens. We come prepared with the lighting equipment necessary to take photographs in any lighting situation.
  • Post-processing - Considerable amount of time is spent correctly processing your photographs to ensure you receive the best quality images.

Please understand our pricing components before you commission us to take your photographs:

  • Creative Fee and Expenses – Rates vary depending on assignment (time, complexity, location)
    This includes planning, setup and any set design, shoot time, proofing, and post processing. It includes our knowledge and expertise, assistant, and expenses related to our equipment and gear so that we can provide you with the best images. In addition, the time it takes for post producing the image – processing the digital files, color balance, touch-up, and preparing the media for delivery. This does not include travel expenses or any location fee outside the studio, prints, or select image usage rights (see below).
    We can recommend makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, models, and others if needed.
  • Licensing Fee – Rates vary depending on client usage (Read our FAQ page for a more detailed explanation)
    Our Headshots and Personal Branding packages includes full usage rights. Custom commercial photography usage (such as advertising, marketing and PR, billboards, website, social media, store displays, etc.) is to be determined on a project-by-project basis.

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