About Us

photo- <Greek, combining form meaning "light">
-graphy <combining form meaning "field of study">

Without light, there is no photography.

With over 15 years of experience lighting for films and photography, both in studio and out, our photographer uses various strobes and modifiers to create the exact kind of light needed to give you the perfect photograph. On location, we also use our strobes to enhance the surrounding ambient light. Our technique and "study of light" allows us to make your photos look naturally sun-lit or look strikingly dramatic; so no matter the look you want, we can deliver.

Our photography team is focused on providing you with great service, a great experience, and high quality pictures you'll love. We've worked hard to develop a unique style so we can offer you something different from the rest.

For us, your session is about getting that photo that will sell your product or service. So contact us for a consultation... it's time you take your business to the next level!

Our Photographers

Erle R. Granger II
Lead Photographer

aka: Il Enzio

Bio: Born in Miami, residing in Jacksonville, FL - by way of Los Angeles, Erle has worked in the film industry since 1998, having held the positions of Director, Director of Photography, and other positions within the lighting and camera department. Nationally recognized, his credits include numerous music videos, short films, and commercials, with several award nominations.

Interests: Poker, parkour, economics

Favorite Director: Michael Haneke

Words to Live By: Invent nothing, deny nothing

Kelly Cho
Photographer, Production Coordinator

Bio: Born in Rio de Janeiro, currently living in Jacksonville by way of Los Angeles. With a background equally split between business, marketing, and photography, Kelly looked forward to managing a photo studio. To her delight she found herself quickly surrounded by an amazing photography team.

Interests: Travel, food, languages, games

Favorite Place: Tokyo, Japan

Favorite Board Game: Panic Station

Our Studio

Our photo shoots are held at our studio in Jacksonville, FL.
It is 2100sqft of space where we do creative fashion editorials and commercial work.